Falls of Lora and Queenie reef

Falls of Lora and Queenie reef

October 15, 2019 0 By tritondave

After an early start, we arrive at the first dive site James wanted to check out at loch Creran, under the bridge. After waiting until what James thought was slack water we headed in for our first dive. Well, it was a fast fun dive but too fast to see anything lol. We quickly decided to bin this idea and head for breakfast.

After a feed we headed to the car park opposite the glue pot. We got the tides perfect this time 😃. An amazing hour long dive including a lot of time spent at the 30m deep wall, we exited the water just as the tide was beginning to speed up again. This also happened to be James’s 500th dive!

Great pic by James Lynot


Callum unfortunately lost a fin on the way in from the dive, we had a good search but didnt find it.

Callum searching for a fin

LUNCH! https://www.creaganinn.co.uk


Great lunch at the cregan inn before we headed upto queenie reef for our last dive of the day.

A nice gentle dive being a buddy for James as he took lots of pics and ignored me 😜. He did get some good pics though of a bobtail squid I found.

In summary great days diving had by us all and good food!