Breda !

Breda !

October 13, 2019 0 By tritondave

Callum and I managed to get 2 spaces on a day trip organised by Scott Wilson diving the Breda with Dive Oban and Argyll.

We met the guys at Dunstaffnage marina around 9am for a 10am ropes off. Mixture of guys with different kit setups and experience levels made for a fun day out.

First dive Callum and I hit the water first and made our way down the stern shot line, we spent a lot of time in the holds and going through as many small spaces we could fit through. Making our way to the bow we met a few of the others from our boat heading in the opposite direction. We had a look around the bow area then had a slow swim back to the stern shot line.

We surfaced after 90mins, last up but a great dive!

Back for a great lunch at the wide mouth frog at Dunstaffnage, massive burger!

Second dive we decided to head down the bow shotline making our way to the engine room area for a proper explore.

We made our way deeper and deeper into the wreck squeezing through smaller and smaller spaces, lots of new parts of this wreck I’d never seen before. After carefully working our way back out the rest of the guys had found us and viz got poor so time to bailout and find a clearer area to dive 😜

Callum led the way and we headed to the seabed on the port side, from here we made our way all around the whole wreck looking at the various bottles and things that have fallen from the wreck.

Been a while since dived the Breda so nice to get back for a look

Another good dive with some good guys, cheers again to Scott for organizing and to Luke for being our skipper and making a good cup of tea!

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