Stjernvik and Phaeacian Wrecks

Stjernvik and Phaeacian Wrecks

October 18, 2019 0 By tritondave

Steve Haddow, skipper of Mako invited a few of us out on his boat for a couple of dives today ( Friday 18th Oct).

The first dive was the wreck of the Stjernvik sitting in about 47m. A dark dive with poor viz, perhaps 2-3m.

Large nets are tangled over the bow and second hold. Inside the galley, there is still a pot on the stove with a large lobster hiding behind it, from there I moved towards the stern.2 large engine room roof light windows on each side were all broken so made a very easy access point to explore the entire engine room. Very small spaces to get through but good fun. After a look at the stern of the wreck, we made our way to the shot line to start our 18 mins of deco.

Definitely, one to explore again.

Large seal came to see us while Stewart and Julie were diving.

The second dive was the Phaeacian sitting in 30m of water

Similar viz on this dive too, a well-broken wreck that rises no more than about 4m from the seabed. Large anchor to be found on the bow, now lying on its side. Lots of life around the wreck.

A great day out guys thanks